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The SLAY resistance band is the best booty band around!


And even better our SLAY resistance band comes with your very own unique SLAY SYSTEM online workouts.


Purchase your SLAY band and unlock 10 x 15-20 minute online workouts for you to do with your SLAY resistance band... wherever, whenever.


The SLAY system online workouts set out to sculpt and tone the muscles, get the heart rate lifted, and provide the body with a good kick of feel-good endorphins! 


Designed by Kimberley for busy females who are looking to include effective workouts in their daily lives, for the women who want to be part of a system that drives health and happiness and for the women looking for balance in the body and in life. 


The SLAY band uses non-slip technology, so the resistance band will not roll up during your workout, and they come in three different resistance strengths. 


Light - Grey - Suitable for beginner


Medium - White - Suitable for regular fitness goer to athlete 


Heavy - Pink - Suitable for those that are used to very heavy loads


The SLAY booty band also comes with a travel pouch for ease of travel... so wherever you go, your SLAY band can follow you. 


Come and join THE SLAY SYSTEM xx

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