Already own a resistnace band but want to try The Slay Band Workouts?


The SLAY system workouts set out to sculpt and tone the muscles, get the heart rate lifted and providing the body with a good kick of feel good endorphins! 


Designed by Kimberley for busy females who are looking to include effective workouts in their daily lives, for the women who want to be part of a system that drives health and happiness and for the women looking for balance in the body and in life. 


Unlock all 10 Slay Band Workouts for you to do anytime / anywhere. 


To the beat you will build your booty, sculpt the legs and work the core.


Workouts are designed to be able to do anywhere, each is 15-20 minutes long so if you are short on time you can have a quick body blast and if time allows you can join two workouts together to get a longer session in. 


Become part of The SLAY System. Move to the Beat, SLAY to the rhythm 

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